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The information below applies to the following types of generators and loads:

  • all transmission load connections
  • transmission connected generators (66kV and above) more than 10MVA.

Connecting transmission loads and large generators


During the enquiry stage, we provide guidance on your project and the information necessary to complete a connection application.

We'll provide an enquiry assessment, which will help you to identify a suitable network connection point and evaluate the feasibility of your project.

Submit an enquiry for a new connection

Submit an enquiry to modify an existing connection point

Project initiation

After your initial enquiry, if you want to progress with you project, you will need to complete and submit the transmission loads and generators application form.

Download the transmission loads and generators application form.

During this stage we assess if your application is competing with other applications, any available or potential network capacity and any network constraints. Based on this assessment we identify viable options to connect you to the network.

Changes to the Access Code and WEM Rules have been gazetted to enable constrained access for generators. As a result, generator applicants do not compete for firm network capacity.

When submitting your application you may need to provide supporting information. Please note that we can only accept the submission of large files through Microsoft OneDrive.

Project scoping

During this stage we develop a scope of work for each option to modify the network, assess each option and select the final technical solution to be implemented.

To develop a solution, we will need models of your proposed facility to perform network studies.

Please refer to Steady State Studies for more information on model requirements.

Facility Model Guidelines specify Western Power’s requirements concerning the information and models that Users including new Applicants or Exiting Applicants modifying their facilities. These Guidelines enable Western Power to obtain the information needed to accurately model the behaviour of the plant connected to the South-West Interconnected System (SWIS) on an ongoing basis to fulfil a number of obligations such as planning, design, and network operation.

When submitting a model for a Load facility we also require a completed model assessment report documenting the technical performance of your proposed facility, in accordance with the Technical Rules. This report should be submitted using the Load Compliance Assessment Against Technical Rules.

When submitting a model for a generating facility we also require a completed Generator Performance Standards (GPS) Template and GPS report documenting the technical performance of your proposed facility, in accordance with the WEM Rules.

Please refer to Generator Performance Standards (GPS) for more information on GPS requirements.

Project planning

We prepare detailed designs, estimates, business cases and contracts for the final technical solution, to enable your connection to the network.

For generator connections, the generator performance standards for your facility will need to be finalised during this stage and before we can make you a final offer to connect.

Construction & commissioning

We construct and commission the required network assets under the terms of a standard Western Power works contract.

For market participant generators a Commissioning Test Plan, which documents commissioning tests to be performed, must be approved by AEMO in advance of any testing.


Once constructed and commissioned the new or modified connection assets become the property of Western Power and assets can begin operating. Access to the network utilising the new or modified network connection occurs pursuant to an Electricity Transfer Access Contract (ETAC).

For generators, operation is subject to receiving an Approval to Generate Notification, in accordance with the WEM Rules.

Email us for further information.

Fees and charges

Following the cancellation, expiry, termination or variation of any invoice the applicant may be liable to pay an administration fee of $550 (inclusive of GST).

Western Power performs all works on a cost recoverable basis.