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Enquire to discuss connecting a large load or generator greater than 1MVA to our network.

The information below applies to the following types of generators and loads:

  • all transmission load connections
  • generator connections in excess of 1MVA.

Connecting transmission loads and large generators

Supporting materials

This information will help you complete your connection application:

Useful links

Email us for further information.

Fees and charges

Following the cancellation, expiry, termination or variation of any invoice the applicant may be liable to pay an administration fee of $550 (inclusive of GST).

Western Power performs all works on a cost recoverable basis.



Western Power currently holds contracts with a number of suppliers to undertake ‘Network Planning and Power System Studies’, a defined service category under Western Power’s Professional Engineering Panel.

The table below lists the suppliers that Western Power has an active contract with under this category:

Category supplier Service category 13: Network Planning & Power System Studies
Amplitude Consultants Pty Ltd Transmission only
Alliance Power and Data Distribution and transmission
Ekistica Pty Ltd Distribution only
Energyze Pty Ltd Transmission only
Jacobs Group Pty Ltd Distribution and transmission
Merz Consulting Pty Ltd Distribution and transmission


While suppliers have been qualified to perform services in this category directly for Western Power, this is not an endorsement of suppliers capability experience or performance, and customers should consider their individual project requirements and perform an independent assessment of the suppliers before engaging their services. The above table is not to be interpreted as an exhaustive list of suppliers from which Western Power will accept work. We will work with suppliers that are not contained in the above table and are engaged by a customer provided they have the required capability and experience.

We're in the process of developing an accreditation framework, which will enable major customers to self-source elements of the transmission connection process using a list of Accredited Service Providers (ASP). The ASP framework is expected to be in place by 1 July 2024.