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We're committed to providing the Merredin community with a safe and reliable electricity supply and that is why we’re making $3.5M investment in infrastructure upgrades.

The Merredin community is set to experience improved power reliability following network upgrade and maintenance work including the replacement of more than 159 poles and 12kms of overhead power lines in the Merredin townsite.

Planned network upgrades

  • Streetlight replacement: Streetlights in the parts of the town will be upgraded to LED. These energy efficient replacements have a longer life than standard fittings and will provide a consistent warm light throughout the town
  • Wood pole replacement: Aging wood poles will be replaced to maintain safety and reliability
  • Switching points: Increase the number of switching points so that in the event of an outage, we can reduce more quickly the number of people impacted by a fault and restore connections more quickly
  • Overhead wire replacement: Sections of overhead wires will be replaced with covered Aerial Bundle Cable. ABC cable has improved service life due to covered aluminium conductors and clamps. This is less susceptible to environmental factors which will improve power reliability for the town
  • Recloser replacement: Old reclosers will be replaced with electronic reclosers to enable remote switching and monitoring by network control.

Project timeline

October 2022

Stage 1: work starts to replace 130 poles and 4.5KM of powerlines.

December 2022

Stage 1: work ends

April 2023

Stage 2: work starts to replace 29 poles and 7.5KM of powerlines.

June 2023

Merredin network upgrade

We are working across the townsite of Merredin. Please refer to the map below for an overview of the work areas.

Merredin network upgrade

How this work may affect you

In order to complete the work safely, the work needs to be carried out on de-energised lines. This means that power outages will be required and given the volume of work, unfortunately some customers will be impacted by multiple outages.

  • Customers will be notified a minimum of three business days (but typically up to 9 business days) prior to an outage that interrupts power supply. These notifications are sent to the primary account holder only. Please forward to anyone else who may be impacted by the planned outage, i.e. tenants.
  • While we aim to keep any disruption to a minimum, residents may notice dust, noise and excavation work where the pole replacement are being undertaken.
  • Traffic management will also be in place where required.
  • Western Power will notify if we need to access an individual’s property.

Western Power’s crews are working closely with the Shire of Merredin to keep disruptions to a minimum. Our teams on the ground have engaged with the hospital, Shire office, business operators within the industrial area, recreation centre, hotel and school.

We understand that the planned work may cause some short-term inconvenience, but we expect that these upgrades will bring improvements to reliability of power supply to the town.

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