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We’re committed to providing the Pingelly, Cuballing community with a safe and reliable power supply and that is why we’re making $3 million investment in infrastructure upgrades. Residents in Pingelly, Cuballing, Popanyinning and surrounding areas will benefit from this network upgrade.

The work includes replacement of 230 poles, 27km of overhead lines, along with other essential network maintenance activities. Work will be focused on the main line between Pingelly and Cuballing. This upgrade will help strengthen network resilience against seasonal and environmental impacts and enhancing safety. 

Planned network upgrades  

  • Wood pole replacement  
  • Overhead wire replacement 
  • Insulator replacement 
  • Crossarms upgrade 
  • Other maintenance works   

Project timeline

Stage 1

March to April 2023 (completed)

85% of total poles and 30% of lines were replaced in March, April earlier this year.  

Stage 2

Mid November to mid December 2023

Power outages are scheduled between 20th November and 7th December 2023 (completed).  

Pingelly-Cuballing network upgrade map

Pingelly network upgrade map

How this work may affect you

It’s important to know that we need to schedule power outages to do the work safely. You’ll receive notification of any required outage in advance. Please check your notification carefully as you may experience more than one outage.      

A temporary large-scale generator will be deployed to support homes and businesses. Residents of Pingelly, East Pingelly, West Pingelly, Brookton, Popanyinning, Yornarning, and Cuballing may receive some short outages, one in the morning and one in the evening (up to 30 minutes) while the generator is connected and disconnected. 

A small number of customers may experience longer outages when work is happening on their part of the network. Affected customers will be directly notified about outage dates and times.    

  • Customers will be notified a minimum of three business days (but typically up to 9 business days) prior to an outage that interrupts power supply. These notifications are sent to the primary account holder only. Please forward to anyone else who may be impacted by the planned outage, i.e. tenants. 
  • While work is being completed you may notice more heavy vehicles in your area. Traffic management will be used where needed and we’ll contact you if we need to access your property.  
  • Our teams will notify if access is needed to an individual’s property.    

We are working closely with the Shires of Pingelly and Cuballing to keep disruptions to a minimum.   

We understand that the planned work may cause some short-term inconvenience, but we expect that these upgrades will bring improvements to reliability of power supply to the town.  

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