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If you or someone at your home use life support equipment, it's important that you let your electricity retailer know so that we can stay informed of your situation.

There are times when we may need to interrupt your power supply so crews can safely carry out essential upgrades or planned maintenance to the electricity network. We will notify you in writing a minimum of three business days before any planned outage, so you can plan around it.

However, unplanned outages can also occur because of unforeseen circumstances such as traffic accidents, extreme weather or bushfires. Whether a power outage is planned or unplanned, we recommend that you’re always ready with an action plan to ensure your life support equipment operates normally.

Here’s a list of some practical advice:

  • Always have an alternative power source nearby - such as a battery back-up system or a generator
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy - for your doctor, fire department, police and ambulance services
  • Know the location of your nearest hospital. Always have a phone available that doesn’t rely on mains power
  • Have a battery-operated radio and torch on hand with fresh batteries
  • During a storm, listen to the radio to keep up with the latest weather conditions
  • Be fully prepared to leave your home if an extended outage occurs.

If your power goes out unexpectedly, you can get in touch with us by calling 13 13 51.

To register as a life support equipment customer:

Contact your electricity retailer

Contact your electricity retailer or visit their website to complete a life support equipment registration form.

Complete the form

Complete the registration form and return it to your retailer.

Retailer checks application

Your retailer will check if your life support equipment meets the current guidelines and let you know the outcome of your application.

Retailer advises Western Power

Once your application is approved, your retailer will give us your details which we will add to our register.