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Western Power is encouraging homeowners to keep areas around the green domes on their property free from obstruction.

A green dome (mini pillar) is the point of connection between a customer’s property and the main electrical network that runs along their street and is most often used in areas with underground power.

Acting Executive Manager of Asset Management Craig Julian said green domes were the essential electricity hub for a residence/business and the main access point for technicians.

“Green domes act as a protective housing for the electrical wires that feed the property,” he said.

“Western Power crews and electrical contractors often need to access green domes so they can restore power when there’s a fault or isolate power in an emergency to keep customers safe.

“If it takes extra time to access the green dome and isolate power because of an obstruction, it can cause unnecessary delays during outages and emergencies.”

“Physical obstructions such as paving, walls, overgrown vegetation, excess moisture from sprinklers, and landscaping that alters the depth of the green dome, are common issues that can affect access and impact safety.

“It’s the homeowner/occupier’s responsibility to maintain unobstructed access to the green dome on their property so crews can access the electrical wiring as needed,” Mr Julian said.

“We’re reminding customers to ensure obstructions above the green dome and within half-a-metre all around are removed.

“Having green domes visible and clear of interference means we can safely maintain and isolate underground power with minimal disruption to customers.”

Customers are also reminded to keep an eye out for damaged green domes and report them to Western Power.

“Damaged green domes can expose live wires carrying potentially life-threatening amounts of electricity so they’re as dangerous as a downed powerline.

“Safety for the community and our crews is paramount, so if you see a damaged dome, please report it on 13 13 51.”

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