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Western Power has successfully installed 600,000 advanced meters across the network representing half of the total 1.2 million meters on the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

Advanced meters are digital electricity meters that transmit encrypted data to Western Power's systems allowing us to more easily monitor energy flows, calculate bills, and detect faults and supply issues, creating a safer, cleaner and more secure network.

Executive Manager of Finance and Regulation Jacqui Hall said advanced meters provide a number of benefits and converting the meter network is a step in the right direction.

“Advanced meters allow us to remotely monitor the network, enabling the early detection of connection faults and supply issues, which promotes network safety,” Ms Hall said.

The advanced meters also allow for remote meter readings so there’s no need to send a meter reader to site, reducing safety risks, operational expenditure and access issues.

“With traditional electricity meters, if we are unable to gain access, we have to take an estimate reading which then results in an estimated bill for customers,” Ms Hall said.

“Advanced meters reduce the need for that which means more accurate billing for customers.

“They also provide 30-minute interval data which means customers can see updates to their usage more frequently and better manage their electricity consumption.”

Ms Hall said advanced meters are also a key enabler to WA’s exciting energy transformation.

“Advanced meters provide more frequent and timely data and improve visibility of the network which helps us to manage load demand,” she said.

“Managing load demand is essential to connecting more renewables - decarbonisation simply can’t happen without advanced meters.

“This milestone of 600,000 advanced meters puts us right on track to deliver on our target to convert the entire network to advanced meters by 2027.”

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