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As part of Western Power’s ongoing commitment to working with the land development industry, we’re continuing to identify opportunities to improve our connection service timeframes and overall customer experience. 

In collaboration with land development industry, and the UDIA, Western Power is implementing several initiatives to streamline project approvals to accelerate housing projects development across the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).  This includes a pre-Design Conformance Review (DCR) clearance process to enable and accelerate land developers to access land titles earlier ensuring security. The pre-DCR clearance process has two options and can be used by land developers for externally designed large residential subdivisions. Eligible developments can now apply for pre-DCR clearance and once received with all relevant conditions met, applicants can apply for land titles from Landgate enabling land to be brought to market earlier.  

Eligibility and pre-clearance options 

Applicants must satisfy criteria including providing proof that construction on site has commenced with site works in the advanced stages beyond clearing, a signed civil contract is in place, evidence of required infrastructure materials already successfully procured and that the project does not require network reinforcement. The status of projects, and their place in the development approval pipeline, will be taken into consideration, as well as other easements or restrictive covenant approvals that may be required. Once these conditions are satisfied the Developer can select:  

  • Option 1 – Apply and receive clearance after Western Power has commenced the DCR process; or  

  • Option 2 – Apply and receive clearance prior to Western Power commencing the DCR process by submitting a certificate of compliance from an independent, 3rd party auditor.  

These options enable a multi-pathway process allowing customers the flexibility to select the best solution based on their project demands. This process will not include a security bond as a requirement for the application to be eligible for pre-DCR clearance. 

We continue to collaborate and work closely with industry groups to identify ways we can continue to service our customers during this period of growth and change in the land development sector. We are confident the range of initiatives will deliver an improved customer experience. 

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