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At Western Power, sustainability is a priority that we're passionate about. We know that the electricity sector plays a vital role in shaping the future of sustainable energy, and we're working hard to achieve sustainability across our operations and support the community to achieve our shared sustainability goals.

One of the key objectives of our business is to support decarbonisation and the drive towards net-zero. Decarbonisation is essential to our network's energy transformation, and we're facilitating the increase of renewables on the grid to help reduce carbon emissions. To achieve this objective, we're exploring new Distributed Energy Resources (DER) technologies, including increasing solar, batteries, SPS, microgrids, mini-pumped hydro and virtual power plants (VPP).

To support this rapid growth and demand for renewable energy, we're expanding and evolving the network, with Undergrounding will also help us integrate new technologies like rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles into the grid.

We're excited about our energy transformation and the role we can play in helping to achieve a reliable, safe, and sustainable energy future.

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