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Undergrounding is an important step in the pathway to net-zero and a decarbonised future. A collaborative effort between Western Power, the State Government, local governments, and the community, this initiative offers significant benefits for the people of Western Australia.

Undergrounding facilitates emerging green energy technology and decarbonisation:

  • A more flexible and reliable network supports the transition to renewable energy sources like solar and wind power
  • Improved network capacity to support future power demand and new technologies like storage batteries and electric vehicles.

Undergrounding improves public safety:

  • Fewer vehicle collisions with power poles
  • Replacing streetlights with energy-efficient LEDs

Undergrounding improves reliability:

  • Outage incidents are reduced by two thirds (on average) with underground power
  • Fewer disruptions after major storm events
  • Reduced faults and outages caused by environmental factors and equipment failure

A greener canopy for streets and suburbs:

  • Reduction in street pruning allows for a green canopy, keeping neighbourhoods cool and pleasant

We're committed to providing the community with a safer, more reliable, and sustainable energy future. By investing in undergrounding, we're supporting the growth of renewable energy and enabling a more sustainable future for everyone.

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