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WA is preparing for a climate-resilient, decarbonised energy future, based on a shift to net-zero emissions by 2050. Western Power is transforming the grid to enable industry and the community to achieve this target as we move towards a lower carbon energy future.

Our priority is to safely provide reliable supply, keep costs low and enable decarbonisation for our community. Undergrounding the network helps us towards these goals.

Simply put, the underground network has a greater supply capacity to integrate technologies like rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles.


The increased capacity comes via:

Furthermore, underground power has other benefits, including improved reliability and safety as there is a reduced risk of fallen powerlines during storm conditions or vehicle collisions with power poles. Also there are fewer disruptions during extreme weather, meaning fewer power outages. It also helps provide improved opportunities for emerging technologies such as electric vehicles and caters for future power demand. This is due to the technologies used in the underground assets, and how these enable better network switching options.


Underground power reduces the need for pruning of street trees, which is good news for our urban environments. Thanks to our partnerships with Local Governments through our Underground Power programs, together with mandatory underground power requirements for new developments, more than 65% of the Perth metropolitan area now benefits from underground power.

It is an exciting time. By increasing capacity for renewables through programmes like undergrounding, we are creating more opportunities and choices for customers to power their lives.

Western Power and the community: Working together to power a cleaner energy future.

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