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Direct connection into an unmetered supply

Red spot fuse

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Who is this for?

For local Government authorities, government agencies and approved providers of specialised services.

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How long will it take?

Up to 10 business days to respond to your application.

After our technical assessment we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements and work with you on an expected delivery date in line with the complexity of your project.

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How much will it cost?


A registered electrical contractor will need to submit this application.

Application process

You’ve applied

We’ll contact you to discuss your application.

You’ll receive a scope

After our technical assessment we’ll confirm the scope of works with you.

You’ll receive design fee invoice

Once payment is received, we will design the project to your needs.

You’ll receive a quote for the delivery of the works

After the acceptance and payment is received, we’ll schedule the works for delivery. Schedules are dependent on your location and the complexity of our work.

Let us know how we went

Your feedback is importance to help ensure we’re meeting your needs and expectations.

What to include with your application

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A site plan

Provides us with an understanding of your work site, the location of existing and new assets and help us to design your product. It will need to include:

  • Your property
  • Neighbouring properties
  • The location of the supply point
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Site photos

Help us understand your current connection arrangements and more easily identify potential site specific issues. Photos will need to include:

  • The extent of the worksite
  • Any obstructions in the area
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Equipment schedule

An equipment schedule allows us to notify the electricity retailer of the new/changed load of the UMS connection; and, check that the load does not exceed 4.8kW (20A) single phase.

Ready to apply for a direct connection into an unmetered supply?

Once you’ve gotten the above, you are ready to apply.