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Above standard temporary power supply

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Who is this for?

For builders and trades who need power when there is no permanent electrical connection.

*A temporary power supply with a maximum demand greater than 250A/180kVA,

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How long will it take?

3 months to provide you with a technical assessment

4-6 months to provide you with a design and quote, depending on the complexity of your project

3 months to construct, upon payment of quote and confirmation your site is ready

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How much will it cost?

We'll provide a quote after we complete the scoping and design of your project.

Application fee

Application fee (plus 0.59% credit card surcharge) $497.42


Design fee

Project complexity Fee
Standard $1,320
Detailed $3,300
Complex $6,600

* While the design fee is GST inclusive, the GST exclusive amount will be deducted from the access offer if proceeding, i.e. GST is not refunded


Other fees

Description Fee
Construction costs We will provide a quote
Cancellation fee $550

The cost of an electricity supply is dependent on how much power you require. In most cases, the cost will be based on what we call the Distribution Low Voltage Connection Scheme.



Temporary power supply allows builders and trades to work when there is no permanent connection to the site. To set up an account for temporary electrical supply, contact your retailer and then refer to the options below.

Application process

You’ve applied

We’ll contact you to discuss your application.

You’ll receive a scope

After our technical assessment we’ll confirm the scope of works with you.

You’ll receive design fee invoice

We design the project to your needs.

You’ll receive an access quote

After the acceptance and payment is received, we’ll schedule the works for delivery.

Let us know how we went

Your feedback is important to help ensure we’re meeting your needs and expectations.

Additional information you need to know

It is often more cost effective to install a permanent new connection straight away.

What to include with your application

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A site plan

Provides us with an understanding of your work site, the location of existing and new assets and help us to design your product. It will need to include:

  • Your property
  • Neighbouring properties
  • The location of the supply point
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Site photos

Help us understand your current connection arrangements and more easily identify potential site specific issues. Photos will need to include:

  • The extent of the worksite
  • Any obstructions in the area
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Neighbours authority

If your project will impact your neighbour’s property by having new assets installed or relocated on or in front of their property, you’ll need their authorisation.

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Single line diagram

A single line diagram provides us with the technical information to design a connection to meet your requirements

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Statement of compliance to AS61000.3.6

Your accredited electrical contractor or consultant must submit a statement verifying that the installation complies with AS/NZS 61000.3.11, SA-SNZ TR IEC 61000.3.14 and Western Power’s Technical Rules.

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Disturbing loads

The information allows us to check the impact of your loads on the network. You must comply with Power Quality limits as per AS/NZS 61000.3.11, SA-SNZ TR IEC 61000.3.14 and Western Power Technical Rules.

Ready to apply for an above standard temporary power supply?

Once you’ve gotten the above, you are ready to apply. Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes