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Design Information Package (DIP)

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Who is this for?

The design information package provides the technical details required for you to have your design produced by a design consultant other than Western Power.

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How long will it take?

Up to 9 months to provide you with a design information package.

Our timeframes are subject to Western Power receiving compliant and complete applications in line with our policies and procedures along with all required supporting documentation to complete an assessment.

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How much will it cost?


Service Charges
Design information package $742

Design conformance review per stage

plus per lot/streetlight



Design re-conformance review per stage

plus per lot/streetlight



A registered electrical contractor will need to submit this application.

Application process

You’ve applied

Within 9 months you'll receive a Design Information Package (DIP)

You'll submit your design (including optional Interface drawing)

We’ll provide you with a Design Conformance Review within 7 months or between 4 and 6 weeks if a third party audit is included

You'll receive an invoice

Upon delivery of a completed Construction Administration Package including the completed ASCON drawing and receipt of invoice payment, a Project Network Officer will then be allocated and a handover meeting will be arranged within 4-6 weeks.

Handover achieved

Upon 100% quality assurance, handover will be achieved.

Energisation complete

Based on location, complexity and resource availability, we will typically energise between 2-8 weeks after handover.

What to include with your application

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Location plan

A location plan shows your project site on a map within the surrounding area.

An example of a location plan for a DIP, visibly showing the streets and boundary of the area.

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Precal (DGN)

Your DGN precal file allows us to identify the stage boundary for your project and is used to produce your Design Information Package. For street light projects, your DGN file indicates intended light locations.

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Payment guarantee

A payment guarantee gives us permission to deal with your design organisation, and is your agreement to pay the associated fees for the Design Information Package and Design Conformance Review if your project does not proceed.

Download the payment guarantee template.

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Concept plan, including stage timing

A concept plan provides us with a view of the subdivision, the scale of the project and nature of the proposed electrical network. Together with stage timing information, we can undertake planning assessments and produce a Design Information Package(DIP).

Download an example HV concept plan.

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Load breakdown

Your load breakdown allows us to assess the impact your project will have on the network. It also allows us to apply the appropriate charging policy.

Download an example load breakdown.

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Draft design drawing

Draft design drawings provided with your application assist us to complete your Design Information Package.

Ready to order a DIP?

I’ve got all my supporting information ready.