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In the first stages of planning a new development, an action that is considered reasonable for Local Government Authorities to take to assist with land use planning and future development decisions, is to check whether any electrical infrastructure is located within the proposed works corridor.

The structure plan, future subdivision and development processes must protect the transmission line corridor and associated assets from encroachment, reduce public safety risks and ensure there is no obstruction to routine and emergency land access to the network.

We’ve developed a clearance assessment mapping tool which provides you with a clear visual display showing all overhead lines to assist you with your planning. If there are transmission assets in the way, you may need to take further action to ensure safety is maintained.

How to use the tool

Enter the address of the proposed development in the search box to find out if any overhead infrastructure is within your proposed development area. Blue lines on the map indicate the clearance zone of overhead powerlines. Wider clearances indicate higher voltage wires.

It's important to note - if there are transmission assets within the area, further investigation needs to be carried out.

Clearance assessment mapping tool

Find out if any of our electricity corridors are located within your proposed area of development.

We offer a number of options and services for proposed works that may be impacted by transmission (66,000 volts - 330,000 volts) and communication assets. These include:

  • relocation of transmission assets
  • relocation of communication assets
  • clearance assessments
  • earth potential rise / low frequency induction studies
  • provision of technical data
  • civil / structural assessments
  • de-energising the transmission line (requires at least 40 business days’ notice).

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