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Terms and Conditions of the Detailed Enquiry Assessment

Before commencing a Detailed Enquiry Assessment for you, we will prepare an Enquiry Processing Contract (EPC), which will need to be agreed and executed before any assessment commences. The EPC will detail the estimated costs associated with undertaking the Detailed Enquiry Assessment. These costs are in addition to the Enquiry Fee.


Additional analysis available to you

During the Enquiry process you may also request that we undertake for you a Preliminary Assessment (which contains additional information to that provided in the Detailed Enquiry Assessment), system studies, or other work necessary to assist you in preparing your application. These additional pieces of work are not normally required at the Enquiry Stage, but are available to be undertaken should you require them to assist you in preparing your application. Any such additional work will be included in the EPC referred to above.


(1) Fees

In order for us to process your Enquiry, there is an Enquiry Fee of $3,500 + GST. An invoice for this amount will be issued to you once we receive your completed Enquiry Notification Form and Signed Customer Acceptance.
Additional costs will apply if you elect to proceed with the Detailed Enquiry Assessment, and/or with any of the additional analysis available to you.


(2) Please note

Once the Enquiry process has been completed, if you wish to progress your proposed connection to the Western Power network you will need to lodge with us a complete Connection Application and pay the associated Connection Application Fee. The Enquiry process and any fees or costs paid, are wholly separate from any work that Western Power may complete in the future to process a Connection Application.

With the exception of the Customer Acceptance Form, discussions with Western Power concerning your Enquiry, any proposal issued, and the content of the Enquiry Response Letter are not binding on Western Power and Western Power is not liable for any error or omission made as a reasonable and prudent person in the Enquiry Response Letter and in Enquiry discussions.

Without limiting the paragraph immediately above, to the extent permitted by law, Western Power’s liability, howsoever arising, in relation to the discussions with Western Power concerning your Enquiry, the Enquiry Response Letter and any proposal issued will be limited in aggregate to the amount of the Enquiry Fee. If you intend to make a claim it must lodged within one year of the date of issuance of the Enquiry Response Letter. Later claims are time-barred.

In preparing any Enquiry Response Letter or Enquiry Assessment Report, Western Power has relied upon the accuracy and currency of the information you provided in your Enquiry and during discussions with Western Power or otherwise known to Western Power in relation to your Enquiry Response Letter and/or Enquiry Assessment Report. You are responsible for identifying and notifying Western Power of the existence of any errors or omissions in the information provided. Any additional works arising as a result of those errors or omissions are solely at your cost and expense. You also agree to indemnify Western Power for any claims arising in connection with those errors or omissions.

The rights of either party to damages for indirect or consequential loss are hereby excluded. Neither party shall be liable to the other for any loss of profit suffered by a party or any other person.