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It’s important to check whether your proposed development will encroach on the clearance zone as early as possible. This will allow for a more thorough assessment of the proposed works, and give you time to make adjustments if necessary.

The clearance assessment mapping tool can be used as a pre-planning tool to review the clearance zone for a proposed development. If you would like to know the specific voltage of the powerline in proximity to your work area, contact Before You Dig Australia.

To help you decide if your proposed construction falls within the clearance zone and what you can do to stay safe, view our Building near the electricity network information.

How to use the tool

Enter the address of the proposed development in the search box to find out the clearance zone, which is based on the voltage of the asset in proximity to the site. To measure the setback of the proposed construction use the measurement tool located below the search box.  If your development falls within the zone, further investigation needs to be carried out. 

Further testing of the clearance zone

If your proposed development is within the clearance zone, you should complete a detailed clearance study. You will need to get in touch with a suitably qualified professional such as an engineer, licensed surveyor or electrical consultant.

If your development doesn’t meet the clearance zone requirements, there are a number of network options available to help get your project off the ground.