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LV Design: in-house software that you can use

We developed LV Design specifically to help our engineers, network designers and operations staff quickly calculate the voltage drops, line currents, kilowatt losses and costs in both underground and overhead low voltage networks.

We're pleased to make it available for you to use.

LV Design has recently been updated to provide new functionality to perform batch network calculation simulation on the Western Power LV distribution networks. This enhancement will enable proactive upgrades and voltage management programs to run more efficiently, as compared to manual network extraction and simulation. Further information is included in the LV Design Updates document.

Note: When installing LV Design on Windows 7 and above, it may be necessary to specify the installer to run "As Administrator."

Important message - before you download LV Design software

Terms and conditions

  1. Western Power will not undertake, nor is responsible for any upgrades or modifications, or provide technical support for the software's use or installation.
  2. Western Power gives no warranty with respect to the suitability of the software for the user's intended purposes.
  3. The user must make their own assessment as to whether the user has compatible software and hardware for the installation and use of LV Design.
  4. The user must make their own assessment as to the suitability of the software in respect of its functionality.
  5. Western Power accepts no liability or responsibility under law (including negligence) for any injury, harm, damage or loss (including economic loss) associated with, or connected to, the installation and use of LV Design on the user's computer system. The use and installation of LV Design are undertaken at the user's sole risk.
  6. In using this software you “the user” are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

LVdesign software is not supported by Western Power.