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The high voltage (HV) subdivision pool allows the cost of installing HV infrastructure to be shared among developers of residential subdivisions. The pool reimburses developers who have paid for more than their share of the HV infrastructure, and collects funds from developers who make use of excess capacity on that infrastructure.

HV subdivision pool charges and parameters

This table outlines current charges and parameters under which the HV pool operates. These are updated every six months or when the HV pool balance is seen to be trending towards a larger deficit balance, whichever comes first.

Baseline Accumulated HV Pool Payment * Size and units

System Charge Rate *

$175 /kVA

Baseline Accumulated HV Pool Payment *


Baseline Accumulated Design Load *

31,713 kVA

Baseline System Charge *

$160 /kVA

Date of the HV Pool System Charge Reset


Accumulated HV Pool Payments*


Accumulated HV Pool Charges*


Accumulated Design Load*

993,247 ‚ÄčkVA

* at the time of system charge re-set