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Network information

Network Information - Shire of Irwin


The data presented here (customer numbers, distribution network overhead circuit length, distribution network underground circuit length, as well as the number of distribution network poles) in those local government areas (LGAs) that Western Power fully or partially supplies electricity to.

This data does not include customers or assets from other electricity network suppliers that may also service these LGAs (such as Horizon Power). Circuit Lengths are an estimation for each Local Government Area and do not include those circuits that are exclusively designated for street-light supply.

Reliability information

25 hours & 23 minutes

average time without power in 2022/2023 per customer

13 interruptions

on average per customer in 2022/2023

Scheduled work in 2023/2024

Scheduled work in 2023/2024

Maintenance on:
  • 3 overhead switchgear
  • 25 poles and associated equipment
  • 3 earthing
  • 8 wash and silicon distribution insulators
Replacement of:
  • 1 drop out fuse
  • 16 insulators
  • 2 overhead switchgear
  • 26 stay wires and stay insulators
  • 40 wood poles
  • 1 surge arrestors
  • 1 distribution cross arms and insulators
  • 4 distribution pole cross arms
  • 31 meter replacements
  • 9 luminaire
  • 4 overhead customer service connections
  • 1 streetlight metal pole

Installation of the static high voltage injection unit (HVIU) and generator

To provide further support, we’ve installed a static HVIU in Port Denison which has been operational since July 2023.   

The unit is switched on to support the Port Denison and Dongara townsites in the event of an unplanned outage or fault on the feeder line. The new HVIU coverage area is slightly larger than the previous mobile generator coverage area, and includes - the telecommunication towers.

Impacts of peak demand on the HVIU 

As the name suggests, peak demand is when demand for electricity is at its highest and can occur on extremely hot or cold days when air conditioning or heaters are on, usually between 5pm to 9pm when most people arrive home and switch on appliances. 

If there is an unplanned outage there are three different scenarios that will impact how the HVIU will operate, depending on how much load the electricity network is carrying.   

In high load (peak demand) and medium load, the HVIU coverage area may be reduced, as the load on the network is extremely high. When the load / demand is lower, the full HVIU coverage area will be enabled.  The different load scenarios are shown in the maps below.    

HVIU coverage maps in Port Denison


What can you do to help reduce the load? 

We can all help make small changes to maintain reliable power during peak demand periods between 5pm and 9pm on very hot days over summer. 

Households can make a difference by reducing their energy use during peak demand periods by:  

  • Limiting the use of major appliances (washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers) between 5pm and 9pm;
  • Using pool pumps during the middle of the day.  
  • Setting your air conditioner to 24 degrees in hot weather and 20 degrees in cooler weather
  • Turning off appliances at the wall as they still use power on standby
  • If you have solar power, setting your timer to run appliances in the middle of the day to get the most from the sun

We understand summer can be a challenging time to manage the impacts of power outages and appreciate your patience as we work to improve the short and long-term reliability in your area. 

Ring Main Units (RMUs) upgrades

At the beginning of June 2023, we completed upgrades on the Ring Main Units (RMUs) in the Shire of Irwin. The RMUs were replaced with more advanced technology at:

  • Golf Course Road, Port Denison
  • Pearse Road, Port Denison
  • Tyford Road, Dongara

The advanced technology will enable automatic fault detection and remote switching capability. This will support a faster response to power outages. Watch the video that explains more about the upgrades.