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We recognise residents endured challenging power reliability over the Christmas period in 2021, and have been working consistently since then to improve network capacity reinforcement. 

Satellite image with map showing the locations of the different stages of upgrads.

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Planned network upgrades

  • 61.4km of new cable
  • Pole replacements
  • Pole reinforcements
  • Replace Ring Main Units
  • Maintain ground mounted switchgear
  • Replace ground mounted switchgear
  • Replace poled top transformers

Project timeline

Overall works and timelines are subject to change for critical reasons including network emergencies, weather conditions, faults and technical reasons.

Initial reinforcements

Completed 2022

Stage 1 reinforcement works

Completion due April 2024

Stage 2 reinforcement work

Completion due Sept 2024

Dawesville network maintenance

Type of works FY 21/22 FY 22/23 FY23/24
Completed Completed Completed Upcoming
Pole replacements 2 1 2 3
Pole reinforcements 18 13 3 3
Replace Ring Main Units 0 1 2 0
Maintain ground mounted switchgear 0 0 5 5
Replace ground mounted switchgear 0 0 1 1
Replace pole top transformers 0 0 0 1
Other maintenance activities 15 2 4 20

City of Mandurah network upgrades

Type of works FY 21/22 FY 22/23 FY 24/25
Initial reinforcement works Stage 1 reinforcement works Stage 2 reinforcement works
New cable 5.8km 20.8km 34.8km
Upgrade Ring Main Units 6 7 16
  • 1 new feeder from Mandurah substation
  • 1 new feeder from Mandurah substation
  • 1 new feeder from Pinjarra substation
  • 1 new feeder from Pinjarra substation
  • 1 new feeder from Mandurah substation
Status Completed In progress, completion due April 2024 Completion due Sept 2024

Network challenges

Difficult environment conditions

Coastal environments present a unique set of challenges for electrical networks due  to their harsh and corrosive conditions. The combination of saltwater exposure, high humidity, strong winds, and the constant  threat of extreme weather events poses significant risks to the reliability and lifespan  of electrical infrastructure.

Network topography

With Dawesville located between the Indian Ocean and the Dawesville Estuary,  supplying power can be challenging given the topography. The area needs to be supplied by long feeder lines giving limited points of access into  the region. This limits back feeding options in the event of a fault or an unplanned outage. The location of Dawesville also increases the potential of fauna and flora interference  with the network, which can cause power outage

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