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Western Power is making a substantial investment of over $3.0 million for the benefit of Nannup residents. The upgrade will involve replacing one Ring Main Unit (RMU), approximately 280 poles and 35kms of High Voltage lines, along with other essential network maintenance activities. 

Most of the work will be focussed on the main powerline between Nannup and Yornup. The RMU replacement is in Nannup townsite. This upgrade will help strengthen network resilience against seasonal and environmental impacts and enhance safety. 

Planned network upgrades

  • Wood pole replacement
  • Overhead wire replacement
  • Other maintenance works  

Project timeline

Stage 1 - December 2023

One RMU and around 30 poles will be replaced during stage one. A planned outage is required on the day affecting Nannup townsite and surrounds.

Stage 2 - December 2023 to mid-February 2024

Approx 250 poles will be replaced by our crews using glove and barrier approach to allow the work to be completed while the line is live. No outages are required. Work is to be carried out on the feeder line from Yornup to East Nannup. 

This work may impact a small number of landowners with plant and equipment accessing their properties. We will contact landowners if property access is required. 

Stage 3 - February to May 2024

A temporary large-scale generator has been deployed to support homes and businesses in Nannup townsite. The residents connected with the generator will experience short outages (one in the morning and one in the evening – up to 30 minutes). Some customers will experience full day outages when work is happening on your local line.

You’ll receive notification of any required outage in advance. Please check your notification carefully as you may experience more than one outage.

Stage 4 - 2025

Our teams have successfully replaced 1 Ring Main Unit, 253 poles and 25 kilometers of overhead conductors. However, due to network emergencies and fire bans in the summer, we were unable to complete all of the work.

The remaining tasks will be rescheduled for completion in 2025. The temporary large-scale generator, which was installed to help the community with outages, has now been removed.

Works and timelines may be subject to change for critical reasons including network emergencies, weather conditions, faults or technical reasons.

Nannup network upgrade

Please refer to the map below for an overview of the work areas.

Nannup network upgrade project


How this work may affect you

It’s important to know that we sometimes need to schedule power outages in order to ensure safety of residents and crews. You’ll receive notification of any required outage in advance. Please check your notification carefully as you may receive more than one due to multiple outages.   

These notifications are sent to the primary account holder only. Please forward to anyone else who may be impacted by the planned outage, i.e. tenants. 

  • Customers will be notified a minimum of three business days (but typically up to 9 business days) prior to an outage that interrupts power supply.  
  • While work is being completed you may notice more heavy vehicles in your area. Traffic management will be in place if required.  
  • Our teams will notify if access is needed to an individual’s property. 

We are working closely with the Shire of Nannup to keep disruptions to a minimum.   

We understand that the planned work may cause some short-term inconvenience, but we expect that these upgrades will bring improvements to reliability of power supply to the town. 

Update - March 2024

Work is underway to replace the 280 poles and 35km of overhead powerlines in the Nannup area. We are thankful for the patience of the local community while we complete this work. 

We have deployed a high voltage injection unit (HVIU) generator to provide support to homes and businesses in the Nannup townsite during this maintenance period.

We ask all local residents to be aware that during this time, intermittent power outages may be experienced as we carry out the necessary work. Residents connected to the generator may experience brief interruptions, typically occurring once in the morning and once in the evening, with each lasting up to 30 minutes.

There may be some instances where longer outages will be required, particularly when maintenance work is being carried out on a power line, as this cannot be supported by the generator. We’ll provide affected residents with notice if an outage like this is required.

While the HVIU will support the Nannup townsite, it has limited capacity and may trip off if overloaded. Where possible, we ask residents and businesses to help manage the load when the generator is running by reducing your energy use. Ways to help reduce your use include:

  • limiting the use of major appliances (washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers) between 5pm and 9pm
  • using pool pumps during the middle of the day
  • setting air conditioners to 24 degrees in hot weather and 20 degrees in cooler weather
  • turning off appliances at the wall, as they still use power on standby
  • for properties with solar power, setting timers to run appliances in the middle of the day to get the most from the sun.

Please be aware that some customers who cannot be connected to the generator will experience full day outages.

Affected residents will receive notification sof any planned outages in advance. We urge the Nannup community to check notifications carefully as properties may experience more than one outage.

Please note that the overall work and timelines are subject to change, for reasons such as network emergencies, weather conditions, faults, or technical issues. 

We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure the continued reliability of electricity supply in your area and a better and more resilient network forthe community.

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