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If you are a SPS customer this means that you have been disconnected from the overhead electricity network and are solely supplied via the solar (PV) generation and battery storage in the SPS. A back-up generator has also been installed to supply to supplementary power when necessary.

The SPS is an innovative renewable energy solution making the most of the available sunshine at your property.

The SPS unit will rely on renewable energy (i.e. solar and battery) up to 95 per cent of the time.

At a minimum your back-up generator will run for 15 minutes once a week as part of its maintenance cycle. The amount your generator will run per week will be impacted by things like:

  • How much electricity you’re using daily
  • Electricity use over night
  • Environmental conditions like cloud cover
  • Seasonal changes.

Gifting of consumer mains and sub mains

As part of the commissioning process, new equipment will be installed on your property which will become your responsibility to maintain, including: 

  • consumer mains cable

And where required:

  • half pole (where your meter box has been relocated to), and
  • consumer sub-mains. 

Consumer mains cable 

The consumer mains cable forms part of your property’s electrical installation. Following completion of the works, the consumer mains cable is gifted by Western Power to you and now belongs to you as the property owner. It is your responsibility to maintain this as the property owner. You should consult with a licensed electrical contractor and/or a cable locator prior to undertaking any works which may affect the consumer mains cable.

Half pole and consumer sub-mains 

If as part of transitioning you to SPS, Western Power relocated your meter box to a half pole, the half pole and the consumer sub-mains now also belong to you. As the property owner, these are now your responsibility to maintain.

An indicative plan of the underground cable route has been attached to the inside of your meter box. Please refer to this when undertaking future works on your property so as not to disrupt the cable.

If you are not sure of the location of the cable, please take the time to check with a cable location service provider, or an electrical contractor prior to any excavation. 

Half pole and consumer sub-mains SPS diagram

Removal and disconnection of redundant consumer mains

When your SPS is commissioned, any redundant consumer mains will be removed from the consumer pole. As these consumer mains belong to the property owner, our contractor will leave these neatly coiled up for you on the property.  

If there are circumstances where the consumer mains cannot be safely removed, for example, redundant consumer mains that attach to and run through the roof of the house, these will be disconnected and made safe at both ends by our contractor. In this situation we would recommend removing the redundant cable next time you have your electrician on the property.