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Our electrical cityscape is constantly evolving. Take a journey to see how far we’ve come with a self-guided tour around Perth CBD following the route of the historical main electricity ring. Discover how we're using world-leading technology right in our own backyard to deliver a brighter energy future for the WA community. 

Take our self-guided tour.

Perth by power self guided tour map




Take our self-guided tour around Perth by following the route of the historical main electricity ring.

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The self-guided walking tour

  • Your self-guided tour starts at the East Perth Power Station (1) (heritage site) and operational East Perth Terminal. Walk from East Perth or Claisebrook Train Station or park along Summer Street.
  • Take a picturesque stroll along the Swan River through to Mardalup Park, then over the foot bridge at Claisebrook Cove. Pass by Victoria Gardens and Mardalup Bridge (or walk across the bridge and back for a different view).
  • Make your way between Gloucester Park Race Course and the WACA cricket ground to Queens Gardens. Take a CAT bus or walk towards Wellington St via Goderich Street and Bennett Street to Wellington Square and through the hospital precinct towards the CBD. You will notice Substation no. 1 (2) and the site of the first Perth power station is now part of the hospital building E. Across the road from the old substation building is a working substation.
  • Next, walk down Wellington Street to Pier Street and turn left towards Murray Street. Take a right onto Murray Street and find the Electrical and Gas Department Building (3) halfway down the block before you hit Barrack Street.
  • Continue west along Murray Street, passing the old General Post Office. Cross over William Street and continue up Murray Street until you reach Queen and King streets. Substation no. 2 (4) is building number 333.


electricity van perth wa Havelock Street Perth WA


  • Take a CAT bus or keep walking up Murray Street under the freeway and into West Perth. After crossing Havelock Street, jump across right to Thelma Street where Thelma Street meets Colin Street is Substation no. 3 (5)..
  • From here, follow Colin Street to Harold Boas Gardens, jump on a CAT bus or stroll through the park to the cycleway along the railway. Follow this back towards the city until you get to the Lake Street railway crossing. Cross over Roe Street and continue up Lake Street. Turn left on James Street and then right onto Russell Square Park. Walk through the park. Can you see the transmission lines? Follow them up Palmerston Street to the corner of Stuart Street and you will stop at Substation no. 4(6).
  • The route of old main electricity ring continues up Palmerston Street and right on Brisbane Street, but take a shortcut and a more scenic route along Stuart Street Reserve and left up Lake Street passing Baker’s Terrace. Then turn right onto Brisbane Street and follow it all the way to Perth Oval (crossing William Street). Take a short stroll along the side of the tennis courts on Bulwer Street back to Summer Street. Follow Summer Street to East Perth Train Station to finish your journey. You can continue on Summer Street back to East Perth Power Station via the station overpass, or take the train from there.


Tour sites

Tour sites1Electrical and Gas Department Building

Tour sites2Substation No.2
overview of substationEast Perth Power Station

Tour sites3Substation No.3
Overview of substation perth waSubstation No.1

tree overview with buildingSubstation No.4