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Sparky is a smart, resourceful and cheeky dog who would do anything to protect his family.

Sparky appears in a set of resources you can use in the classroom to teach students about electrical safety and introduce them to the world of STEM.

Sparky Sparky 2

Sparky and the Electrical Pillar book

Sparky’s job is to protect his family, making sure everything is safe in the house, in the garden and in the outside world. But does Sparky know enough about electrical safety to really protect them?

Sparky 3 Sparky 4

The book has a teacher’s guide packed with Years K-3 curriculum linked activities and the resources for teaching safety around electricity and STEM.

If your primary school's located within the Western Power network it should have received at least one copy of the book.

If you live or teach in the area you can order a copy of the book by clicking on the button below or download a PDF version for use on your whiteboards.

Why Sparky got a shock video

This video looks at why electricity causes shocks and how electricity is normally safe and when it might not be. Suitable for students in years 3-6.

Keep Sparky Safe app

We've developed an augmented reality (AR) app suitable for primary school students. Sparky the dog helps students understand the dangers associated with electricity. They'll learn how to recognise common street electrical equipment and what to look for to know when it's damaged and unsafe.

The free app is available for download on Apple iOS devices. We’re working on the Android version of the app and will have it available soon.

Check out this handy factsheet that helps explain how to best use the app with your children.

Keep Sparky Safe app

The free app is available for download on Apple iOS devices

Kids activities

We know kids love to play dress up. Now they can become Sparky with their very own printable face mask.

Chose the colour option or let the kids get creative and colour in their own.

Sparky face mask downloadPDF
Sparky face mask for colouring in downloadPDF

Years K-3 teacher’s guide and resources

The Sparky and the Electrical Pillar teachers guide is packed with curriculum linked suggestions for classroom activities linking to the Sparky and the Electrical Pillar book plus an appendix with 20 additional aids.

Appendix teaching aids