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We're here for you

We're determined to provide our community with safe and reliable access to power, and our workers share this commitment; connecting and reconnecting customers to ensure that they can power their lives and businesses. We understand that our work can sometimes cause inconvenience and disruption to the community, and so we’re asking for your patience and kindness while our teams go about their work.

Working in your neighbourhood

In order to deliver the best possible power supply, we need to do essential works in your local area from time to time. Our field crews work hard to maintain the poles, wires, and other infrastructure near you, and we also have programs in place to enhance your power supply through our undergrounding initiatives. We appreciate that having your power turned off during these works can be inconvenient, but we schedule our jobs the best we can to minimise the disruption to you.

Accessing your property

We’re a phone call away

Our phone call centre operators are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They're an essential part of our team, and we ask that you be respectful and patient with them as they’re helping you find what you need.

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Working on or near your property

Our meter readers and replacement crews play a crucial role in making sure your meter readings are accurate and your bills are based on actual reads. Unfortunately, these crew face encounters with abusive behaviour, aggressive dogs, and restricted access. We ask that you be mindful of their safety and show them kindness and respect as they go about their work. 

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Helping keep you safe at home

We're committed to keeping our community safe, and so our power poles and wires need to be inspected regularly to make sure they are safe and do not pose a risk to individuals and communities. Our WA electrical inspectors will sometimes need to access your property from time to time to assess the condition of the network. We realise this can be an inconvenience, but we ask that you be patient and understanding as we work to keep you and the community safe. 

WA Electrical Inspectors

We’re all in this together

In summary, our workers are there to provide safe and reliable energy to you. Sometimes we’ll need to pause the power to do the works safely, working to reconnect you as quickly as possible to the network. We’re also the first on the ground for emergencies, dedicated to getting your power back on as quickly and safely as possible. So please be kind, patient, and respectful to our people. 

Together we can power community kindness! 

Accessing property FAQs