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Avoiding trees growing close to lines

  • Trim your trees: Trim back any trees or branches on your property that are too close to powerlines. This reduces the likelihood of vegetation contacting powerlines. Know the clearance zones for urban and rural properties.
  • Use a professional: Hire a qualified tree pruner or arborist to trim any vegetation that may get too close to powerlines. Make sure you hire a professional who is accredited to work near the Western Power network, it’s dangerous to trim trees anywhere near powerlines. The Arboricultural Association of WA has a list of powerline-qualified arborists.
  • Plant appropriately: By selecting appropriate plants for your property, you can reduce the need for pruning and save both time and money. You should avoid planting next to powerlines or choose a low growing species that won’t encroach on the clearance zones for your area. Your local nursery can also help you choose the perfect plant for your environment.

Whose job is it to trim trees near powerlines?

Depending where the tree is located, it could be your responsibility, your neighbour’s, or the local council/share. Find out whose responsibility it is trim trees near powerlines.