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In addition to our vegetation management program of naturally occurring trees and vegetation on public land, we undertake an ongoing inspection program identifying trees and vegetation on private property or the responsibility of councils/shires that may be growing in near powerlines.

Our program comprises of:

Vegetation Inspection

An annual check of our powerlines for trees and other vegetation within the clearance zone. We also check the service wire connecting a property for any encroachment within the property. These inspections are carried out by our authorised contractor – specialists in inspection WA vegetation.


Notification of the responsible party (occupant/land owner/ local government authority) via a 40 day notice.


Re-inspection and cutting back of any vegetation that remains in clearance by a second contractor. These cuts (also called a default cut) are performed solely to maintain a safe reliable network.


We may recover the cost of cutting if a tree we have cut has been cultivated, either by planting, deliberate irrigation or pruning for any other reason than clearance from powerlines. This charge is $419.27 per span*. (length of wires from one pole to the next). If tree branches on your property needed clearing from wires either side of a pole you would be charged $838.54 for clearing two spans.