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40 Day Vegetation notices

Our contractors perform inspections and issue notices if vegetation is identified as being within the clearance zone:

40 day vegetation notice example

  • Notices are delivered by hand at the time of the inspection. If the inspector can't find a mailbox, the notice is mailed to the account holder's contact address.
  • The 40 day vegetation notice lists the trees that need trimming and the clearances required. The actual trees are tagged with coloured ribbon.
  • Our notice does indicate if the trees notified are cultivated or naturally occurring.
  • Customers receiving a notice should arrange a qualified arborist/tree lopper to cut the trees within the 40 days. You may search ArbWest to find one.

Safety notice

A Safety notice is issued when vegetation is within the clearance zone of 30cm around the service wire.

Vegetation Safety notice example

We won't return to re-inspect or cut vegetation from around the service wire. Again, please get a qualified Arborist to perform the work. You may also cut any branches from a tree rooted in a neighbours land, back to the fence line