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It's important to know where your meter box is in case of emergency.

Your meter box houses a number of electrical components including the meter, main switch, fuses and circuit breakers, which control the flow of electricity into your home.

For your safety

Ask a licensed electrician

To inspect your meter box if it shows any signs of burn marks, worn wires or a strange smell

Switch the power off

At the main switch if you are doing any household maintenance or renovations

Label all switches

Circuit breakers and fuses in the meter box for easy identification

Keep trees and shrubs away from your meter box

Should you need to access your RCD, and/or meter readers requiring access to read your meter

Install circuit breakers or a safety switch

Safety switches are mandatory in all new homes, they can save lives and prevent injury from electric shock

Check your safety switch

Check your safety switch in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions

Have a licensed electrician check blown switches

If a fuse, safety switch or appliance blows repeatedly have a licensed electrician check it

Always use a licensed electrician

Have fuses replaced by a licensed electrician

Protect your meter box

Make sure that the meter box is protected from exposure to the elements and has a meter box lid