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Our system of inspection 

We use what’s known as a sampled inspection system, to confirm any work completed by electrical contractors has been carried out safely and meets legislated requirements. This happens after Western Power receives a Notice of Completion. 

As part of the inspection process, we rate electrical workers on their experience and safe installation practices. We initially assign new electrical workers a sample rate of 1, with 10 being the highest rating a worker can receive. We gradually adjust the worker’s sample rate after numerous satisfactory inspections.  

If we identify a defect during an inspection, an Inspector's Order is issued. If the defect is serious, the electrical worker’s sample rate will be reset to 1. Serious non-compliances may also be reported to the technical and safety regulator, EnergySafety for possible further action.

Defect prevention 

Most of the serious defects we come across can easily be prevented through proper testing and verification procedures. 

Electrical contractors should ensure they have proper testing procedures – including test sheets and checklists in place. Taking these steps will ensure correct procedures are being followed and the work completed is safe and compliant.