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To stay safe around our network you need a gameplan

We have an online training course to make it easy for you to tool up, make a gameplan and stay safe as you work around our network.

The course is packed with easy to follow video and information. It will take you less than an hour to get through.

It has industry specific pathways so you can keep it relevant to your job.

Move through the course by answering questions and completing activities. Once you’ve finished, you can receive a certificate to show you’ve completed the course.

Gameplan training and more

The course will refresh you on:

  • How electricity works
  • Where electrical hazards are when working
  • Danger zones and safe working distances for overhead and underground
  • Gameplans for your job
  • Pre-planning a job and Before You Dig Australia
  • What to do if a network contact or emergency occurs

You'll also hear from our team who are always available to help, including insider tips to getting home safely and keeping the power on for the community.

Ready to train?

Here’s how you get stuck into the online training:

You'll need the latest version of Google Chrome and to enable your browser pop-ups in order to access 360 Aware online course.

While you're on an online learning roll, check out what our friends at Before You Dig Australia- there are interactive modules focused around the 5P’s and how to use their new enquiry system.