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Meet our renewable energy specialists

At Western Power, we’re a proud and talented bunch of people all working towards creating a sustainable energy future for WA.

Our team is backed by some of the world’s leading renewable energy specialists, and with their global expertise, we’re finding innovative ways green energy can become part of the grid family.

So let’s meet some of the crew who are leading the charge.

Protecting WA's unique landscapes during our works

Our crews work in many different environments as part of our role to deliver safe, reliable power to WA.

That often means working in areas with unique flora and fauna and around indigenous heritage sites.

From avoiding indigenous heritage sites to managing populations of black cockatoos and preventing the spread of dieback - the Red Hill project was a perfect example of how we manage our works in the field. Discover the Red Hill project.

Looking after WA's beautiful biodiversityred-tailed-black-cockatoo

We're fortunate to live in a place with such incredible biodiversity around us. 

In fact, WA has such unique biodiversity that we have plants and animals that only live in a particular area. The South West of our state is one of only 34 Global Biodiversity Hotspots. 

So we're playing our part in protecting WA's biodiversity. 

Getting cocky

To a bird, a powerline looks like a perfect place to perch. Unfortunately it's not always a happy outcome. But here's what we're doing to protect red-tailed black cockatoos.

Ospreys take pole position

Just as we like to chill out on the couch, some birds like to do the same on power poles but it puts them at risk. So we switched on our creativity. Here's how we created a new home for the osprey.


Indigenous heritage sitesIndigenous heritage sites

Culture shapes our way of life and how we see the world - our ideas, values, customs and behaviour. Not everyone’s culture is the same, so it’s important we take the time to understand our differences and create cultural awareness. 

For the past few years, our focus has been on strengthening our understanding and relationship with the local indigenous culture, and any possible impact our work might have.

Find out about how we manage our works around indigenous heritage sites.

Read more about us Bridging the cultural gap


bee-hiveOur beauty rich and rare

We are fortunate that Western Australia is home to beautiful flora and fauna.

So when our crews are out in the field, we have strict measures that we follow to ensure this flora and fauna is protected and our works have minimal impact.

Protecting our possums

The future of the threatened western ringtail possum looks brighter following our proactive approach in the south-west. Here's how we're working to protect possums. 

The bees knees

Bees are the best, which is why we've introduced specific practices to protect our buzzy friends who love our grid infrastructure. Take a look at how we're taking care of bees-iness.

Lowering our emissionsLowering our emissions the PHEV way

Electric vehicles are on the way, and we're big supporters, so much so that our metro fleet is now hybrid.

We’ve been early adopters of electric vehicles since 2010, and now we’re realising the full potential of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV’s) across our light fleet.

Here's one way we're working to reduce our carbon footprint.