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At Western Power, we’re a proud and talented bunch of people all working towards creating a sustainable energy future for WA.

Our team is backed by some of the world’s leading renewable energy specialists, and with their global expertise, we’re finding innovative ways green energy can become part of the grid family.

So let’s meet some of the crew who are leading the charge:

Ben Bristow

It’s a tough job to mix old and new, but that’s an exciting challenge we currently have with the grid. We’re connecting renewable energy and innovative technology alongside traditional infrastructure, and our network needs to have the technology to cope with the changes ahead. That’s where our Distribution Grid Strategy Manager, Ben comes in. He’s the best man for the job, leading the team responsible for future proofing the grid. Ben has a long history with Western Power, having started here 13 years ago as a graduate engineer and moving up the ranks to now working with state of the art technology to build the grid of the future.

Peter Condon

Peter is a problem solver and somewhat of a futurist. He works in forecast models, investigates current usage trends, and analyses data to get a wider understanding of the way we’re using energy now and into the future. There are literally thousands of directions that WA’s electricity market could take – depending on how disruptive technology, customer behaviour and regulatory requirements evolve over time. Peter’s a natural at understanding all of these pieces of the puzzle, which will ultimately enable us to adapt more nimbly to changing market forces. We’re more excited than ever about creating a brighter and greener energy future for WA. To learn more about how we’re evolving, check out our Energy Solutions section.

Nigel Wilmot

Nigel lives and breathes all things renewable. He’s one of the early adopters, having bought a rooftop solar more than a decade ago to power his own home. Nigel is our Senior Standards and Technology Engineer. Sounds important – because he is! Nigel sits on various committees to advise, support, and ultimately produce the latest standards on batteries and inverters. He’s also responsible for all the nitty gritty guidelines on installation. His passion in this area extends to being part of a global task force on photovoltaics, sharing his proven experience on the way energy resources connect to the grid.