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Who is this for?

Major customers that have completed the necessary Initiation stage activities and are ready to move forward with a concept design for their technical solution.

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How long will it take?

4 - 7 months*

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How much will it cost?

$75,000 - $410,000* (excluding GST)

Connection process


Before we commence Scoping stage activities, you will need to provide the relevant critical project criteria evidence for us to assess the criticality of your project.

Please refer to our facilitating timely connection of critical customer projects Guideline for more information on what's required.

Environment assessment & stakeholder engagement

Upon receipt, we will review the customers supplied environmental assessment and landowner engagement evidence, relating to the connection scope of works, to determine the impact of any potential issues on the proposed network modification/connection options, and develop changes as required to mitigate the issues. 

For more information and materials to support you with your Environmental, Planning, Heritage and Community Engagement please refer to:

Concept design & estimate

We will then develop the Concept Design scope maturity, supported by relevant documents and drawings for the selected connection option, to a level that’s appropriate to the class of estimate requested. We will prepare a AACE Class 4** or Class 3** cost estimate for the technical solution required to modify the network to meet the requirements of the customer’s Connection Application.

A Project Scoping Report will be prepared and issued to the customer, detailing the concept design scope of work, cost estimate and an estimated timeframe for delivery of the selected option. 

Design Options Estimate Accuracy Range* Key Driver Indicative Costs* Indicative Timings*
Concept Design with Class 4 Estimate -30% to +50%   Progressing to Access Offer quicker with less cost/time/scope certainty   $75,000 - $350,000 (excluding GST) 16 - 24 weeks
Concept Design with Class 3 Estimate -20% to +30% Receiving more cost/time/scope certainty is prioritised over getting to Access Offer quicker   $100,000 - $410,000 18 - 28 weeks


Customer inputs/deliverables required

The following customer inputs need to be completed prior to commencing the Scoping stage activities: 

  • Payment received for the upcoming Scoping stage activities
  • Customer site location and selected line route confirmed
  • Environmental, Planning and Heritage due diligence assessment completed on the customers selected line route
  • Timely, relevant and appropriate Community Engagement conducted and Land Access in principle agreement received
  • SCADA point provided

*The estimated costs and timeframes shown above are to be used as a guide and will vary depending on project specifics, such as facility size, connection voltage, complexity and geographic etc. The durations are based on all customer deliverables having been received and with no queuing time. Some activities may be able to happen in parallel.

** Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (ACCE) International Estimation Standard