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Design conformance review (DCR)

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Who is this for?

For land developers that require a Design Conformance Review for customer designed and constructed street lighting or large subdivisions.

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How long will it take?

Up to 7 months to provide you with a quote, or between 4 and 6 weeks if a third party audit is included. 

Please note: our timeframes are subject to receiving compliant and complete applications in line with our policies and procedures, along with all required supporting documentation to complete an assessment.

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How much will it cost?

$363 - $550 per stage

Service Charges
Design information package $742

Design conformance review per stage

plus per lot/streetlight



Design re-conformance review per stage

plus per lot/streetlight



A registered electrical contractor will need to submit this application.

Land developers can submit their electrical design directly to Western Power or have a third party independent auditor assess their design prior to submitting – which can reduce DCR processing time.

The third party audit option was introduced in June 2024 to offer an alternative pathway for land developers. Applications with third party audit certificates will be assessed by a dedicated team. See the FAQs below for more information.

Application process

You’ve applied

Within 9 months you'll receive a Design Information Package (DIP)

You'll submit your design (including optional Interface drawing)

We’ll provide you with a Design Conformance Review within 7 months or between 4 and 6 weeks if a third party audit is included

You'll receive an invoice

Upon delivery of a completed Construction Administration Package including the completed ASCON drawing and receipt of invoice payment, a Project Network Officer will then be allocated and a handover meeting will be arranged within 4-6 weeks.

Handover achieved

Upon 100% quality assurance, handover will be achieved.

Energisation complete

Based on location, complexity and resource availability, we will typically energise between 2-8 weeks after handover.

What to include with your application

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A design drawing

geospatially correct design drawing of the subdivision plan.

Subdivision plan design drawings shall be geospatially correct by incorporation of Map Grid of Australia MGA94 grid system. This geospatial information is required to enable incorporation into Western Power’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

All drawings sent to Western Power must be:

  • in DGN format (Microstation - Bentley)
  • saved in Default View, as opposed to Sheet View, prior to submittal. 

The MGA94 file should only include the pre-calculated cadastral plan of the current subdivision stage where Western Power asset are to be installed. If the MGA94 file is not provided with the submission for DCR, it is to be provided to Western Power through the electronic mail box External Design and Construct atby email least five working days prior to handover inspection. The MGA94 file is required to be input into Western Power’s GIS data base so that the necessary switching and commissioning program can be produced for the energisation of the subdivision.

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LV Volt drop assessment

This assesses that the voltage drop, line currents and fuse protection are adequate for each circuit. 

Use our Low voltage design software to create an assessment.

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Bill of materials

The Bill of Materials must cover the materials which Western Power is to provide for the work agreed to be undertaken by Western Power. It is to be based on compatible units contained in our Distribution Design Catalogue (DDC). It shall be in a format suitable for direct loading into Western Power’s DQM.

TXT file based on the DDC manual created from Microstation or DQM CU EXPORT FACILITY and generated by the DQM/CAD Interface – Urban Residential Design Software.

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Voltage fluctuation report

A report demonstrating that the voltage fluctuation occurring at your point of supply is within limits defined in SA/SNZ TS IEC 61000.3.5:2013  “Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Limits - limitation of voltage fluctuations and flicker in low voltage power supply systems for equipment with a rated current greater than 75 A”.

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Earth potential rise (EPR) assessment

An assessment that demonstrates an earth fault on the high voltage (HV) power network does not result in dangerous levels of a earth potential rise.

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Certificate of Compliance

A certificate of compliance is a document, with supporting documents, prepared by the auditor, that certifies the consultant’s design is in strict accordance with Western Power’s design specifications.

Ready to order?

Once you’ve gotten the above, you are ready to apply. Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes.