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Western Power supplies a large range of industrial, commercial and domestic network equipment (distribution and transmission) at competitive prices. We source and supply equipment including cable, transformers and switchgear, line hardware, underground power accessories and streetlights.


Network Equipment Sales Catalogue

See our range of product categories and network equipment used for common projects.


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If you are interested in acquiring network equipment through Western) Power, simply register as a customer by contacting the External Sales team or by clicking on the link in the "How to register" section further below. Once you have registered, purchase orders can be sent through to the Material Sales Team. (Alternatively you can download our order form). Email orders directly to or fax to 08 9225 2017. You should receive an order confirmation within two working days from order placement. If this does not occur, please contact the Material Sales Team on 08 9411 7806.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale of Materials. Please note that quotations only remain valid during the quarter in which they were obtained or until the next price change, whichever occurs first.

Registered users

If you are already a registered user, please click on the link below to download the current price list. You will need to enter your password (as provided) to access the downloaded encrypted file. (Please note that passwords will be reset as at 01 January each year. Users will need to re-register for a new password).

How to register

If you would like to register to become an authorised user so that you can access the materials price list, go to Material Information Access.

You will then be asked to submit your details which will be processed by the Materials Sales Team.

Information regarding deliveries and collections from Jandakot

Hope Road

All parties (whether internal, external or contractors working on behalf of Western Power) must make bookings with the Jandakot Distribution Centre before collecting materials and or returning cable drums or other materials. Please phone 9411 7726 to arrange a collection date and time. We regret that we are unable to service anyone turning up on site to collect materials without a prior booking. 

Who to contact when you have an enquiry:

Sales and Materials Information Centre

The Materials Hotline provides a centralised point for customers to direct their enquiries. Contact (08) 9411 7795 (weekdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm) or for all enquiries relating to existing orders already placed. This includes:

  • availability status of materials on order
  • allocation of materials on back-order
  • consolidation of work parcels
  • non-conformance issues
  • incorrect deliveries
  • other inventory related issues

The Sales Team can be contacted on (08) 9411 7806 (weekdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm) or  Contact the Sales team should you have any queries relating to:

  • setting up a new sales account
  • review for credit terms
  • pricing & availability
  • access to price list
  • placement of all orders
  • invoice queries.


Changes to Made to Order Lighting Lead Times

IMPORTANT NOTICE: WP has transitioned to our new LED Lighting Ranges (3000k & 4000k options).  Please note that for the 4000k 'Standard' range, the lead time requirement has now changed to 17 weeks from order placement.  Made to Order decorative luminaire ranges have had no change to lead time requirements. 

The standard 3000k range will be kept in stock.

The older traditional lighting ranges (42W CFL, 70W/150W/250W MH & HPS, 125W MV) are no longer available. 


Return of Empty Cable Drums to Jandakot Distribution Centre

In recent months there has been an increase in return material to Western Power. In particular, we are seeing a significant increase in the return of empty cable drums.

To help us manage these returns efficiently can you please ensure that you are using the booking function through CEVA for all returns.

Bookings can be made by either telephone or email.

Telephone: (08) 9411 7711


Please note that only materials purchased directly through External Sales can be returned to Western Power including empty cable drums. We would appreciate that before arranging material returns, a manifest audit is conducted to ensure compliance to the above. If product is being returned on unmarked drums please contact us in the first instance otherwise it will not be offloaded upon arrival.