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Plug Temporary power Temporary power supply allows builders and trades to work when there is no permanent connection to the site. To set up a temporary supply account, contact your retailer and then refer to one of these services. Read more
streetlight Streetlights and unmetered supplies Unmetered supplies are available to local government authorities, government agencies and approved providers of specialised services. They are used for services such as traffic signals, streetlights, signs, railway crossing boom gates and bus shelters. Read more
application Planning your project Assess the feasibility of a project or check to see if it meets our requirements. Read more
Meter New meter installations Find information on the application process & contacts for a new meter connection. Read more
Plug Modify your power supply Does your electricity supply need to be converted, upgraded, or changed from an overhead power supply to underground power? Submit a request to modify your power supply here. Read more
streetlight External design and construct Design process assistance for creating a large development (subdivision or streetlighting). Read more
Disconnections Disconnections Need to disconnect your electricity supply or isolate the electricity network? Read more
Plug Apply for a residential connection Maybe you've just purchased a block of land and want to power up a shed, perhaps you're re-developing an existing dwelling into a triplex - whatever the reason if you require a new connection you'll find the answers here. Read more


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Manuals, guides and standards

for electrical consultants

Name Type Download
Detailed customer connection schedules Manual downloadPDF
Distribution Design Catalogue (DDC) Manual  
Distribution construction standards handbook Manual  
Distribution substation plant manual Manual  
Deciding between overhead and underground construction in road reserves Guideline downloadPDF
Material selection guidelines for bedding sand, backfill sand, general backfill around cables Guideline downloadPDF
Placement of power poles in road reserves Guideline downloadPDF
Small generator user guide Guideline downloadPDF
Earthing Standards Standard downloadPDF
High voltage pool policy Standard  
HV substation feeder exit circuits isolation policy Standard downloadPDF
Noise Compliance Requirements for Distribution Transformers Standard downloadPDF
Telecommunication equipment located in the vicinity of proposed distribution HV earths Standard downloadPDF
Un-metered supply network standard Standard downloadPDF
Switchboard arrangement for small strata lot development guideline Guideline downloadPDF
WA Service and Installation Requirements (WASIR)   downloadPDF
Underground distribution schemes manual (UDS) Manual downloadPDF