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Western Power offers a standard connection service for all small-user connections.

The standard connection service (supply) is defined as 240 volt single-phase (+/- 6%) or 415 volt three-phase (+/- 6%) for a new or altered network connection service from and within the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN):


Zone type within the SWIS 1 phase 3 phase* Split-phase*
Metro, major regional centres and rural areas 63 Amps (240 volts) 32 Amps (415 volts) 32 Amp, per phase (480 volts) Where the service is available

*where this service is available



How do I apply for a connection service capacity upgrade?

Homeowners are responsible for managing their electrical load and should seek electrical contractor advice when adding or replacing larger appliances or equipment.

Additionally, electrical contractors have an obligation when adding electrical circuits to look at the demand requirements for households in accordance with industry standards and with network connection service requirements, then apply for an upgrade if they are exceeded.

The upgrade process, including associated costs varies depending on the premise type and individual needs: