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The Build Pack defines the processes, procedures and methods used to communicate between the network operator and code participants. The Build Pack has been developed by consultative process between code participants.

The Customer Transfer Code Communication Rules and Electricity Industry Metering Code Communication Rules define the Build Pack and its' associated change control process. The Build Pack is dynamic in nature so as to adapt to an evolving electricity industry.

The known defects that affect the market interfaces are described in the Build Pack market defects and will be updated as required.

Index of Build Pack releases

Change requests to Build Pack

Build Pack version 4.2 - Support implementation of DEBS Accumulation 05 February 2021

Request for the WA Electricity Market to adopt the updated Build Pack documentation. There have been no changes to the XML transaction formats.

Build Pack version 3 - Post Transitional Period (final) 7 Dec 2013

Build Pack Version 2.1 - CR6 updated Documentation (final) 30 Mar 2009

Build Pack defects

The Build Pack defects list outlines all known problems that can impact market participants. These problems are described in the document below:

Market participants are encouraged to review these problems, notify the network operator of other known issues and be actively involved in finding solutions.

Should Market participants have already resolved these issues, system changes that affect the market transactions will only be made after consultation and communication with the market.