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Powering up Metronet to connect Perth communities

Connecting our city

A number of projects are underway across the Perth metro area to help turn the lights on for new residents and future proof the network for years to come.

From Perth Citylink and the Hay Street to Milligan Street works, to the large collection of projects that is Metronet - our city is transforming.

And we're helping to make that happen.

Perth City 1

Hay Street to Milligan Street

Every 20 years or so, we need to upgrade our infrastructure for the next 20. When that's happening on a major road like Hay Street, it requires an innovative approach.

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Perth Citylink

New apartments and buildings in the CBD means new customers needing power. So we've been working to create new power infrastructure to suit our big city future.

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As Perth and WA evolves, there’s also a lot we’re doing behind the scenes to help power the State’s economy and growth.

One of the big ticket items is Metronet.

Metronet is helping connect communities across Perth through expanding and creating new transport links across our city.

How are we involved? 

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Our involvement in Metronet


What other projects are happening in our city?

We are involved in lots of exciting new projects in our city. From rolling out advanced meters through to local energy trading trials. We're also trialling our very own smart streetlights in Melville.

Smart streetlights have smart capability meaning they have:

  • capability for real-time control of brightness/ dimming according to conditions
  • early detection of streetlight faults
  • efficient replacement and service of faulty streetlights
  • longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs
  • improved energy efficiency

Smart streetlights trial

Smart streetlights trial