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The role power has to play in the exciting Metronet plans to grow Perth

As Perth and WA evolves, there’s also a lot we’re doing behind the scenes to help power the State’s economy and growth.

One of the big ticket items is Metronet.

We’re working alongside the State Government and Public Transport Authority to help deliver a mammoth project that’ll see 72 kilometres of new passenger rail, and up to 22 new stations developed all over Perth.

It’s the single largest investment in public transport our city has ever seen. It’s a long-term plan, but one which will connect our suburbs, reduce road congestion and ensure Perth thrives sustainably into the future.

Over 5,000 hectares of land (that’s 12 times the size of Kings Park!!) around the new stations will transform into desirable places for housing, jobs and services for growing communities.

Sounds great, right? But what exactly does public transport have to do with us?

Well, a trainload actually.

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How are Western Power supporting Metronet projects?

We’ve set up a dedicated team that’s in charge of upgrading and reconfiguring the network to enable the construction and delivery of Metronet’s huge infrastructure.

Availability of power is critical to the construction and operation of these projects, which are often complex and require long-term strategic planning to make sure we can cater for demand.

You’ve probably never thought about it, but it takes a lot of electrons to power a train.

You may think your journey starts at the station, but in fact it starts at a source of generation which could be hundreds of kilometres away.

Feeding all those electrons to your station is a transmission network that spans thousands of kilometres. In fact we may have had to shift some parts of it to allow your station to be built in the first place.


A collaborative approach to connect Perth communities

Claire Royston, our Head of Customer Connection Services, says “Metronet is connecting communities across Perth so it’s essential the electrical infrastructure is in place to support this development.

"We’ve been working collaboratively with the Public Transport Authority and Metronet on detailed planning and scoping to make way for new rail corridors by relocating network assets, building new substations and installing new rail supplies for trains, stations and other infrastructure.

"It’s great to be part of this program that will benefit the day-to-day lives of Perth communities".

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What Metronet projects are Western Power involved in?

And it’s keeping us pretty busy. We’re all aboard with multiple Metronet projects

  • Thornlie - Cockburn Link
  • Wharf Street / Oats Street Relocation - relocation of assets to facilitate an elevated rail solution to replace level crossings on the Armadale line (part of the Level Crossing Removal program)
  • Denny Ave Level Crossing Removal Projects (part of the Level Crossing Removal program)
  • Byford Rail Extension – relocation of assets to facilitate the Byford extension of the Armadale line
  • Beckenham Traction Supply - upgrading power supply (6MW) to Beckenham Substation to support the Thornlie - Cockburn Rail project
  • Yanchep Rail Extension - relocation of assets to facilitate the extension of the Joondalup line to Yanchep
  • Nowergup Traction Supply - upgrading power supply (5MW) to Nowergup substation to support the Yanchep Rail extension project
  • Bayswater Station Upgrade - relocation of assets to support the upgrade of Bayswater Station (first stage of the Morley-Ellenbrook line)
  • Midland Station Relocation - relocation of assets to facilitate the relocation of Midland Station
  • Bellevue Supply - new 5.4MW power supply to support new Midland Railcar facility
  • Forrestfield Airport Link Traction Supply - upgrade power supply (11 MW) to support the Forrestfield Airport Link
  • Morley-Ellenbrook Traction Supply - new power supply (10MW) via a new substation in Whiteman Park to support the Morley-Ellenbrook rail project
  • Morley-Ellenbrook Relocations Projects - relocation of assets to facilitate the Morley-Ellenbrook rail project
  • Claremont Station Upgrade  - relocation of assets and supply to facilitate the station upgrade
  • Sutherland Street Supply - upgrade supply at Sutherland Street Substation to facilitate new train timetable
  • Lakelands Station - new power supply to facilitate new train station on the Mandurah line

Metronet is set to transform how we live and travel in Perth for the better. And we’re proud to be powering that journey.


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Posted 26 March 2020