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What is Ariba?

Ariba is an online network that supports collaboration between buyers and suppliers, including allowing suppliers to respond to sourcing events, receive orders and send invoices, and manage their supplier information. See and details below for further information. 

All suppliers will need to have, at a minimum, a Standard (Light) account with SAP Ariba in order to interact with Western Power for the below activities (excluding supplier requests, which do not require an account).

Supplier request

To register your interest in becoming a Western Power Supplier use the supplier request form.

Once processed, you may be sent a supplier registration questionnaire asking for additional information. Please note that that this does not guarantee that an opportunity to formally quote on or receive work will eventuate.

The onboarding process consists of multiple steps as shown below. Suppliers being invited to tender are required to respond to a “Registration Questionnaire”, and existing or new suppliers will be required to fill out all questionnaires from registration onwards. You can then maintain these details in Ariba going forward, including loading valid insurances on an annual basis.

See our Supplier Onboarding Process and Supplier FAQs for further information and support. 

Tender events

Western Power uses Ariba for all tendering activities. If you're invited to participate in a sourcing event, you will receive an invitation email containing a hyperlink to Ariba. Once you have logged into Ariba, you will be guided through the process of submitting a response.

To notify us of your interest in upcoming events, please visit our Tenders and registrations of interest page. Please note our tenders are by invitation only and registering your interest does not guarantee you will be invited to an event or awarded any work.

For support in responding to a tender event, see our Responding to events in Ariba guide.

Supplier accreditation (onboarding)

'Supplier onboarding' is the process of accrediting suppliers to trade with Western Power through our procurement systems. Western Power utilises the Ariba system to accredit/onboard suppliers, where suppliers can submit and manage information such as insurances, address and banking details.

Supplier onboarding process flow

Request (new suppliers only)

New suppliers can submit an ‘expression of interest’ to supply goods/services to Western Power. This is not required for existing accredited suppliers.


Additional information regarding supplier details and capabilities. A supplier must be Registered in order to be invited to tender.

Qualification and insurances

Final set of questionnaires requesting additional information, including insurance details. Multiple questionnaires will be sent as part of this stage.

Transaction and banking details

Provide banking and other transaction details prior to beginning to transact with Western Power.

Ordering and invoicing

Western Power uses Ariba to issue orders and receive invoices via the Ariba Network. Suppliers can gain real-time visibility into invoice and remittance statuses and have the ability to load catalogues, where appropriate.

All suppliers will need to have, at a minimum, a Standard (Light) account with SAP Ariba in order to transact with Western Power.  A breakdown of the account options available to suppliers can be found in our Transacting with Western Power guide.

For support on viewing orders and loading invoices in Ariba, see our Ordering and Invoicing in Ariba guide. You can also access Ariba support information directly.

Support for Ariba

If you need to contact Ariba directly, see our guide on how to raise a service call with Ariba.

If you require Ariba technical support specific to Western Power, email us.