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Use this service for the requesting transmission and distribution network data outlined in the application form. Data not listed within the form is unable to be requested via this service. Please source any additional data requirements through your project request with Western Power.

Application process

You’ve applied

We’ll arrange for the data to be provisioned.

You’ll receive the data

When available we'll email you the requested data.

Supporting information

Power Consumption Data Read more
Network capacity mapping tool (NCMT) - insight into network capacity based on all planned network changes and growth plans Read more
Clearance assessment tool – pre-planning tool to review the clearance zone for a proposed development Read more
Data WA Read more


If you’re unsure where to get the mandatory information, please visit Data WA for the following:

Form item Data WA dataset Field name
Pick ID Streetlights (WP-043)
Distribution Pole (WP-029)
Electrical Service Pits (WP-038)
Electrical Transformers (WP-039)
Electrical Pillars (WP-041)
Electrical Enclosures (WP-040)
TX line ID Transmission Overhead Powerlines (WP-032)
Transmission Underground Cables (WP-035)
Substation name Substations/Terminals/Power Stations (WP-046) name
Pole number Transmission Pole (WP-030) structure_ID